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College Ballroom Dance Teams

Learn Ballroom Dancing in a group setting–whether as a hobby or for competition–all while having a great time with your friends!

Universities across the country are including ballroom dance among their clubs, classes, and even sports teams. Self-esteem, regular exercise, leadership skills, teamwork, respect, and better communication are among the many listed benefits of team sports—all of which apply to ballroom dance.


One of the main reasons for learning ballroom dance is to compete. Similarly to how any other team plays against others, the dancer’s sport is DanceSport, competing in the dances that comprise the International Style against other schools in the area, and even nationally, providing not only a goal for the students to strive for, but also a community to belong to. 


Dance has such an incredible ability to unite people. Learning the etiquette teaches dancers to treat their bodies and the bodies of all others with the utmost care and respect. Learning the figures teaches a new language with which to communicate. Learning the timing teaches how to move rhythmically and adapt to external environmental changes. Preparing for competition teaches the importance of a goal, and the understanding of the necessary steps to take to reach it. Competing teaches how to push through nerves, adrenaline, doubt, excitement, and the fear of navigating a new (sometimes crowded) environment to achieve something. And being part of a team is something that gives all of this even greater meaning.

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