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Natalie Alanna

NAC1 8x10.jpg

Open International Latin Pro/Am Rising Star Champion

USDC, Orlando Florida, 2015

Open International Latin Pro/Am Champion

Caribbean DanceSport Classic, San Juan Puerto Rico, 2009

Open Rising Star International Pro/Am Champion

USDC DanceSport, Orlando Florida, 2009

Open Gold International Latin Pro/Am Finalist

Millennium DanceSport Classic, Tampa Florida, 2009

Natalie Alanna has been enamored of the arts her whole life. With a background in classical singing and piano, she was involved in every facet of the arts her schools offered—whether performing with the Madrigals, a choral group from her high school, the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich; or studying theatre at The Catholic University of America in Washington DC, where she earned her BA in Drama.


Catholic is also where Natalie’s ballroom dance career began, starting with her college team as an International 10-dancer; and since then, she has honed her skills in over 25 dance styles including International and American Ballroom Dance Styles, and the most popular social dances of our culture—training, competing, and performing with some of the best in the industry:  world-renowned Corky Ballas of Dancing with the Stars—Los Angeles CA; Cristiano Callegari—Houston TX; Dan Calloway—Washington DC; Delian Terziev—New York NY. After working with several dance studios, chains, and franchises, Natalie is now teaching independently in the New York area.

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